Roy Alexander Weise

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Roy Alexander Weise is the incoming Joint Artistic Director of Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, an Associate Artist at the Donmar Warehouse and tutor at Open Door. 

Current and forthcoming productions include MASTER HAROLD AND THE BOYS (National Theatre); ANTIGONE: BURIAL AT THEBES (Lyric Hammersmith) and SUCKER PUNCH (Stratford East)   

Theatre credits include: BLACK DICK (Reading at Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, US); LUMINOSITY (Manchester Met); THE TRICK (Bush Theatre and UK Tour); NINE NIGHT (National Theatre & West End), DEAD DON’T FLOSS (National Theatre); THE DARK (Fuel Theatre); THE MOUNTAINTOP (Young Vic and UK Tour); BR’ER COTTON (Theatre 503); HERETIC VOICES (Arcola Theatre); JEKYLL AND HYDE (National Youth Theatre); THE UGLY ONE (Park Theatre); ZERO FOR THE YOUNG DUDES (Young & Talented in association with NT Connections); PRIMETIME (Royal Court); and STONE FACE (Finborough Theatre). 

Roy was the 19th annual winner of the James Menzies-Kitchin Award and directed his critically acclaimed, sell out production of THE MOUNTAINTOPby Katori Hall at the Young Vic.

He had previously worked as a trainee director at the Royal Court, been the BBC Theatre Fellow at Bush and the Lyric Hammersmith, Associate Artist at Harts Theatre Company, Lead Acting Tutor at Young & Talented and Associate Director at The Red Room. Roy was nominated at the 2018 Evening Standard Awards for the ‘Emerging Talent’ Award. 

17 December 2018



Nine Night, the first ever play by a living black british female playwright to be produced on the West End, earns rave reviews across the board from critics and audiences alike. Directed by MLR’s Roy Alexander Weise, Designed by Rajha Shakiry and Lighting Design by Paule Constable. 


‘Under Roy Alexander Weise's direction, transfers to the West End, managing to retain all of the magic it held whilst on the Dorfman stage. Following the story of how a family grieve, it's a play full of laughter, struggle and hope.’ 

‘There's so much joy amidst the heartbreak, and distress amongst the celebration. Bring something totally unique to the theatrical landscape, Nine Night is a compelling watch.’ 


‘Roy Alexander Weise's excellent direction keeps both tendencies in perfect, understanding balance as the action sweeps across Rajha Shakiry's perfectly cluttered set, with its plastic covered dining chairs and antimacassars carefully placed on the battered sofa.’


‘Director Roy Alexander Weise presents this drama with restraint and poignance.’ 


‘ The script, (astonishingly Noble’s debut play), is assured, with recognisable characters and drawn from lived experience, is given an excellent production by director Roy Alexander Weise. ‘ 


‘the secrets and resentments and strange alliances all come out in the sort of satisfying, surprising, knotty way that everyone who writes this sort of play tries for but few pull off. The director, Roy Alexander Weise, handles it all sure-footedly.’


‘Roy Alexander Weise’s beautifully judged production’ 


‘It feels so right that this transfer of Nine Night ends with Gordon herself giving us her own words. With its perfect ensemble playing, Roy Alexander Weise’s intuitively persuasive production more than convinces us that we want, and need to listen to them.’  


‘Director Roy Alexander Weise works magic to make such a complex web of relations very clear. Within this family tree, he finds subtle complexions that make it more than just a biopic, but a story that encourages a strong togetherness.’

10 October 2018

THE MOUNTAINTOP Embarks on UK Tour ★★★★

THE MOUNTAINTOP Embarks on UK Tour ★★★★

After a fantastic opening at Southampton, The Mountaintop, Directed by Roy Alexander Weise and Designed by MLR’s newest client, Rajha Shakiry, continues to tour the UK. 

Broadway World 

‘Combining the supernatural with a story such as this might sound far-fetched and problematic, but this production introduces it cleverly and with ease. Religion is inevitably a large part in this story, and the crossing of boundaries and the use of imagery is done tastefully and skilfully.’

‘With just two people on stage and one set, it's simple, yet very effective. This is a testament to the casting; it is Gbolahan Obisesan's Dr. King and Rochelle Rose's Camae who keep us captivated throughout the performance. Their relationship is completely believable and enchanting - two fiery characters running rings around each other until Camae's secret is eventually revealed. Then, empathy, emotion, disbelief and comfort. Both actors have impressive talent.’

WhatsonStage ★★★★

‘Directed by Roy Alexander Weise, the Olivier Award-winning play embarks on a UK tour from the new Nuffield Southampton City Theatre. The show is well contained within Rajha Shakiry's simple yet effective design – two beds, a desk, some desk lamps, walls made of wooden panelling and a curtain rail which overlooks the hotel room. We are greeted with Camae bopping her head to Childish Gambino's "This is America", a powerful piece of music released earlier this year which focuses on racism towards African Americans. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's nothing jarring about the appearance of this track in the '60s setting – with the Civil Rights Movement in full swing – and it develops one of the show's core themes about how past and present speak to each other.’ 

‘Obisesan and Rose do an incredible job of telling such a huge story. It's a gorgeous show which urgently reminds us of our responsibilities as citizens today.’

The UK tour runs until late 2018. 

UK Tour Dates

Northern Stage – 9th October – 13th October

North Wall – 16th October – 20th October 

Reading Rep – 23rd– 27th October

Leicester Curve – 13th November – 17th November

Bristol Old Vic – 20th November – 24th November

Birmingham Rep – 27thNovember – 1st December

01 May 2018

★★★★★ for NINE NIGHT at the NT

★★★★★ for NINE NIGHT at the NT

This new play in which the West Indies tradition of a nine-night mourning period is brought to life upon the Dorfman stage, is directed by Roy Alexander Weise in his NT directing debut, with Lighting Design by Paule Constable.

Evening Standard ★★★★★

“Gloria’s three children are vividly realised in Roy Alexander Weise’s brisk production… an eloquent vision of what it means to be haunted by the past”

The Stage ★★★★★

“Roy Alexander Weise delivers with a skill that belies the fact that it is his National Theatre debut. Through his direction he creates with the cast perfect undulations of comedy and heartache.”

The Independent ★★★★

raw, primal emotions are offset (without being undercut) by the mischievous comedy that bubbles through the script and Roy Alexander Weise's beautifully judged production.”

Broadway World ★★★★

“Roy Alexander Weise's direction is sharp and snappy”

“Paule Constable's lighting design gives the set extra character, ranging from atmospheric candlelit vigils to the cold light of day.”

Time Out ★★★★

“knife-edge power of a final scene where Maggie, guardian of traditions, becomes possessed by departing spirits”

The Upcoming ★★★★ ★★★★

Daily Mail ★★★★

14 March 2018

BR’ER COTTON opens at Theatre503

BR’ER COTTON opens at Theatre503

Directed by Roy Alexander Weise (winner of the JMK Award in 2016) with Lighting Design by Amy Mae. BR’ER COTTON by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm opened at Theatre503 on Monday.

The Guardian

Roy Alexander Weise’s direction makes use of a compact space with ease; the actors almost glide across the stage, and the framing of more dreamlike sequences is impressive.

Amy Mae’s lighting allows the shifts from kitchen to moonlit cotton field to dystopian video-game wasteland appear seamless”

“This is an important play, and a great one, that will leave audiences thinking for a long time.”

Evening Standard

Roy Alexander Weise’s visually bold staging relishes this ambitious play’s fiery dialogue 


It adds up to an intricate consideration of the complexities of present-tense race relations, but Roy Alexander Weise's production ensures it's always fully-felt.

The Stage

“Weise’s production cruises along on Jemima Robinson’s set… [he] is an exciting director with scope and real visual flair.”

13 October 2017

NYT’s OTHELLO & JEKYLL AND HYDE open at the Ambassadors Theatre

NYT’s OTHELLO & JEKYLL AND HYDE open at the Ambassadors Theatre

Roy Alexander Weise is director on JECKYLL AND HYDE, and Amy Mae is Lighting Designer on both shows. They run in the West End until 6th December.

Reviews for JEKYLL & HYDE...

What's On Stage ★★★★

"All is deftly overseen by director Roy Alexander Weise, who jumps between the various narratives with ease. The use of movement is particularly effective"

Broadway World ★★★★

“Roy Alexander Weise's direction takes risks, and he isn't afraid to keep in the many expletives for the school performance.”

“moments of genius”

London Theatre 1 ★★★★ 

“pushing the audience to face and consider more current inequalities.”

“Two very wordy pieces of theatre were executed with precision and a quality that would challenge many professional productions I have seen.”

“As with Othello the night before, the lighting design and set design was extremely impressive.” 

“Congratulations to both Laura Hopkins (Set Design) and Amy Mae (Lighting Design) for again reminding us that attention to detail in these areas can really enhance” 

“the production was absolutely brilliant.” 

Reviews for OTHELLO...

London Theatre 1 ★★★★★

“every so often, there is a reworking and a re-imagining that brings the 400-year-old dialogue to life. This is one of those times.”

“Amy Mae’s lighting design added immensely to the feel of the production, I felt like I was experiencing temperature changes brought about by mood change on stage – and that was largely due to the lighting which was stunning.”  

16 June 2017

THE UGLY ONE opens at the Park Theatre

THE UGLY ONE opens at the Park Theatre

Roy Alexander Weise directs Marius Von Mayenburg’s comedy, with Lighting Design by Amy Mae and Sound Design by Giles Thomas. The show has been nominated for 'Best Production' in the Off West End Theatre Awards and runs until the 24th June. 

Broadway World ★★★★ 

“the direction from Roy Alexander Weise, 2016 winner of the James Menzies-Kitchin Award, is precise in how it mines the script for smart humour.”

“The Ugly One is a definite success, with genuine performances complimented by superb direction”

London Theatre 1 ★★★★

“a great night of theatre, directed by Roy Alexander Weise with humour and gusto this production is a masterclass in snappy creative direction”

“This is biting dark satire directed with real comedic precision that asks relevant questions about the importance of being beautiful.”  

Camden New Journal 

“Roy Alexander Weise, winner of the 2016 James Menzies-Kitchin Award, directs with panache.”

The Upcoming

“there are moments of striking originality under Roy Alexander Weise’s direction”

17 October 2016

Roy Alexander Weise Directs THE MOUNTAINTOP at the Young Vic

Roy Alexander Weise Directs THE MOUNTAINTOP at the Young Vic

Roy Alexander Weise, winner of the 2016 James Menzies-Kitchen award for young directors, directs Katori Hall’s Olivier Award-winning drama about Martin Luther King’s last night on earth. 

City AM ★★★★★

“It is, quite simply, magnificent.” 

“Funny, flirtatious, powerful and profound” 

“a searing, sexy, devastating imagining of Martin Luther King Jr's last night”

Auditorium ★★★★★ 

“Award-winning director Roy Alexander Weise takes you on his rapturous historical rollercoaster.”

“this breathtaking piece proves once again it has wings. In the hands of Weise, it soars.”

“Weise grabs us with an electrifying start” 

“Weise showers us with moments of magic, both theatrical and emotional, drawing outstanding performances from his two actors.” 

“Beautiful and heartrending work.”

A Younger Theatre

“an exquisite production.”

“I have to draw attention to Weise, in what should be his big break into this most difficult of industries. The restraint in this show is superb, the precision in his blocking noticeable yet natural, and the performances he gets from his actors second to none.” 

“might just be the best production I have seen this year.”

“fulfilling, exciting, completely fresh but also hugely, crucially important.”

“This play has always been good, Weise’s take on it is exemplary.”  

The Guardian ★★★★ 

“Roy Alexander Weise – this year’s winner of the JMK award, which has a significant history of propelling young directors’ careers – makes a very good case for it, heightening the work’s absurdist, dream-like qualities.”

What’s On Stage ★★★★

“Roy Alexander Weise…ups the supernatural element.”

“building to the most extraordinary climax” 

“It's as empowering as it is powerful.”

The Stage ★★★★

“Roy Alexander Weise – winner of this year’s JMK Award – directs a gripping, heartfelt production that cements the two-hander’s reputation and poses resonant questions about modern America.” 

“Rarely does theatre achieve such invigorating poignancy.” 

The Times ★★★★ 

“This production by Roy Alexander Weise simmers with tension and is suffused with wonder, awe and dread.”

“This is a play that honours greatness, while recognising humanity. Weise does it proud.”

The Evening Standard ★★★★

“stylishly revived by Roy Alexander Weise” 

“Weise directs with bounce and brio; we’ll be hearing more from him.”

Exeunt Magazine

“in the hands of bright young director Roy Alexander Weise, its whip-smart dialogue and dazzling tonal dexterity are really allowed to let rip.”

“That so much fun, seriousness, intelligence and emotion is packed seamlessly into 1hr 40mins is an considerable achievement.”

“Weise may have found his perfect play, but from the style, humanity and understanding on show here, he looks set to get his hands on many more.”