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N. J. Crisp had been a full time writer since 1959 until his death in 2005. Initially, he wrote short stories for magazines such as JOHN BULL and SATURDAY EVENING POST before turning to television, for which he wrote a number of plays in the early 1960’s.

Since then, he has written scripts for many well known television series, including THE EXPERT, THE BROTHERS, COLDITZ, DR FINLAY’S CASEBOOK, DIXON OF DOCK GREEN, together with the original serials THE MAN WHO WAS HUNTING HIMSELF, THE LONG CHASE (which gained a Writer’s Guild award) and THE ODD JOB MAN.

He has written screenplays for the TV movies THE MASKS OF DEATH starring Peter Cushing and John Mills, and MURDER ELITE starring Ali McGraw.

On the stage, N. J. Crisp’s FIGHTING CHANCE, opened at the Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue and then at the Long Wharf Theatre in America. His well-known thriller DANGEROUS OBSESSION opened in 1987 at the Apollo and then transferred to the Fortune for an extended run. It has since been produced worldwide and is frequently played in repertory theatres across Britain.

He is a novelist, published in America and other countries as well as in the UK. Among his novels are THE BRINK, YESTERDAY’S GONE, IN THE LONG RUN and THE NINTH CIRCLE.

  • That Good Night
  • Suspicions
  • Fighting Chance
  • Dangerous Obsession