28 June 2017

Lynne Page is Choreographer/Movement Director on INK, Almeida Theatre

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Lynne Page is Choreographer/Movement Director on INK, Almeida Theatre

Written by James Graham and directed by Rupert Goold, INK explores the creation of the Sun newspaper and the rise of Rupert Murdoch. 

The Telegraph ★★★★★

“a super, soaraway smash”

“a rattling good evening”


The Guardian ★★★★

“such a good and gripping piece of theatre”

“We see Lamb desperately cruising Fleet Street to find new recruits for an understaffed, under-resourced paper that doesn’t seen to have a hope in hell: he does so to musical accompaniment that makes him look as if he were creating some kind of rackety dance ensemble.”


The Times ★★★★

“exceptionally funny”

“a broncobuster of a play”


Timeout ★★★★

“telescopes a sprawling story brilliantly”


The Stage ★★★★

“uses movement sequences to convey the thrill and ritual of hot type: the glow of molten metal and the clang of hammers”


WhatsOnStage ★★★★

“ultimately unmissable”



“Lynne Page choreographs rhythmic, ritualistic charades”

19 June 2017

Tom Piper is Designer on PELLÉAS ET MÉLISANDE at Garsington Opera

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Tom Piper is Designer on PELLÉAS ET MÉLISANDE at Garsington Opera

Michael Boyd and Tom Piper stage Debussy’s opera with conductor Jac van Steen and the Philharmonia Orchestra in its Garsington debut. Running until the 7th July.  

The Guardian ★★★★

“a striking achievement that blends tradition with innovation to shed fresh light on the opera’s complexities.”

“the decrepit enclosure of Tom Piper’s gothic set” 

“An innovative, striking production”

Opera Today

“Piper’s intricate set fuses the antique with the modern and embraces Maeterlinck’s allegory with the meticulousness of a pre-Raphaelite painter. The designer captures the realism of Maeterlinck’s natural world and decadent decay as well as the symbolic blindness of his text. The result is a timeless world of fairy-tale and scenic enchantment, allied with a tangible emotional drama” 

“with his designer Tom Piper, Boyd brings the opera’s dreams and mysteries into landscapes that are lit, symbolically and figuratively, with precision.” 

“Piper’s set is a huge arching ‘cave’ which enfolds and encloses multiple terrains”

“Boyd and Piper manage both to tell the (fairy-)tale and protect its intangibility.”

The Stage ★★★★

“Tom Piper’s single set is inspired by the decayed magnificence of disused theatres in Detroit, whose distressed grandeur matches the work’s fin de siècle atmosphere perfectly.”

“beautiful and devastating”

16 June 2017

THE UGLY ONE opens at the Park Theatre

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THE UGLY ONE opens at the Park Theatre

Roy Alexander Weise directs Marius Von Mayenburg’s comedy, with Lighting Design by Amy Mae and Sound Design by Giles Thomas. The show has been nominated for 'Best Production' in the Off West End Theatre Awards and runs until the 24th June. 

Broadway World ★★★★ 

“the direction from Roy Alexander Weise, 2016 winner of the James Menzies-Kitchin Award, is precise in how it mines the script for smart humour.”

“The Ugly One is a definite success, with genuine performances complimented by superb direction”

London Theatre 1 ★★★★

“a great night of theatre, directed by Roy Alexander Weise with humour and gusto this production is a masterclass in snappy creative direction”

“This is biting dark satire directed with real comedic precision that asks relevant questions about the importance of being beautiful.”  

Camden New Journal 

“Roy Alexander Weise, winner of the 2016 James Menzies-Kitchin Award, directs with panache.”

The Upcoming

“there are moments of striking originality under Roy Alexander Weise’s direction”

13 June 2017

Music/Sound by Melanie Wilson on ANATOMY OF A SUICIDE

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Music/Sound by Melanie Wilson on ANATOMY OF A SUICIDE

Written by Alice Birch and Directed by Katie Mitchell, ANATOMY OF A SUICIDE has Sound and Music by Melanie Wilson.

Timeout ★★★★★ 

“Melanie Wilson’s sometimes sinister, sometime pulsating sound design is … the most haunting”

“It is gut-level, subliminal: a depiction of tragedy as a disease that swims silently through the bloodstream.”

“a sensuous, unsettling blur of movement and story. There is almost too much to take in: visually, verbally, technically, narratively. But that’s part of its power: it is as ritualistic as it is cerebral.”


The Guardian ★★★★

“immaculate production” 

“startling theatrical triptych”


The Independent ★★★★

“extraordinary intensity and precision”

“a powerful, unflinching look at a family afflicted with severe depression and mental illness.”


The Times ★★★★

“a searing and disturbing drama” 

“a precise, cleverly staged and powerful play.”


The Evening Standard ★★★★

“What a fiercely uncompromising, clinically emotional two hours this is.”

 “an intricately interwoven work”


The Telegraph ★★★★

“The way conversations overlap, intersect, even chime exactly, as if words are echoing down the decades, is a compositional marvel.”

“the essential bravery and daring of it all”


WhatsOnStage ★★★★

“a rumbling, howling, disturbing soundtrack from Paul Clark and Melanie Wilson.” 

“As it works its way towards its strongly affecting ending, it asks you to understand by osmosis. I find it has eaten into my thinking in a way many more conventional plays do not.”


The Stage ★★★★

“full of pain and strange beauty” 

“builds and builds to an incredibly powerful finale in which hope, while distant, can still be glimpsed.”



"Melanie Wilson’s soundscapes swim around like underwater echoes."

"unflinching examination of motherhood and mental health, articulated with a sharp sense of theater"


09 June 2017

Luke Sheppard and Gabriella Slade open WORKING at Southwark Playhouse

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Luke Sheppard and Gabriella Slade open WORKING at Southwark Playhouse

Stephen Schwartz’s musical, based on Studs Terkel’s best-selling book of interviews with the American workforce, receives its European Premiere directed by Luke Sheppard, with Costume Design by Gabriella Slade. Running until 8th July.

The Upcoming ★★★★★ 

“possibly the most striking musical of the year.”

“Working is powerful, relevant and not on for long enough.”

West End Wilma ★★★★★

“Another triumph for the theatre and director Luke Sheppard alike, Working deserves to be seen and I’m very happy the everyday Londoner now has the chance.”

“a brilliant production”

The Stage ★★★★

“The powerful achievement of Working is to tell ordinary stories in an extraordinary way.”

“Director Luke Sheppard and choreographer Fabian Aloise bring these disparate stories together with texture and reach”

“Evocative and inspiring” 

Broadway World ★★★★

“Jean Chan and Gabriella Slade's designs are wonderfully evocative”

“This production has a clear focus, thanks to the direction of Luke Sheppard, and all of the material has been pieced together perfectly, like a musical theatre jigsaw puzzle. The atmosphere and energy it generates is infectious, raising valid points whilst entertaining its audience.”

Timeout ★★★★ 

“Director Luke Sheppard has assembled an impressive ensemble of new and established talent.”

“Southwark Playhouse has built a reputation for high quality imports of unsung American musicals, and 'Working' is no exception.” 

The Sunday Express ★★★★

"has a joyous energy in Luke Sheppard’s stylish production"

The Times 

“Sheppard’s staging, with compact, punchy choreography by Fabian Aloise, has terrific verve and the performances are superb.”